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Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) Training Program

Master Change, Shape Tomorrow: Your CCMP™ Journey Starts Here!

The Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) Training Program is an intensive three-day course, totaling 21 dedicated learning hours. Each day is structured to offer 7 hours of immersive instruction, with additional break times incorporated to ensure participants remain refreshed and engaged. This compact yet comprehensive format is designed to provide professionals with a deep dive into change management principles and practices within a concise timeframe, optimizing the balance between thorough learning and time efficiency. The rigor and pace of the course ensure that participants derive maximum value, all within a span of three days.


18/09/2024 – 20/09/2024 (Lietuvių k.)

Module 1: Individual and Group Change

Delve into the psychology of change at the individual level, understanding resistance, and promoting adaptability. Learn how to harness the collective strength of teams during transitions, fostering collaboration and unity.

Module 2: Leadership Skills for Change Leaders

Step up as a change leader by mastering essential leadership competencies. Learn to engage, inspire, and guide teams through change, ensuring alignment and commitment at all levels.

Module 3: Organizations and Their Changing Environments

Explore the factors driving change within and outside organizations. Understand how to adapt and align organizational strategies to shifting market demands, technological innovations, and global trends.

Module 4: Evaluating Change Impact and Organizational Readiness

Master tools and methodologies for assessing the potential impact of proposed changes. Gauge organizational readiness, pinpointing potential challenges and areas of resistance.

Module 5: Formulating Change Management Strategy

Craft tailored change strategies that resonate with organizational goals and culture. Emphasize communication, stakeholder engagement, and alignment to ensure successful strategy execution.

Module 6: Tools and Techniques for Planning Change

Dive into a practical toolkit for planning and orchestrating change. Learn to design actionable roadmaps, set key performance indicators, and measure success metrics.

Module 7: Implementing Change and Reviewing Progress

Translate plans into action. Monitor the progress of change initiatives, adjusting strategies based on feedback and changing circumstances, ensuring successful outcomes.

Module 8: Completing Change Management Effort and Sustaining Change

Learn to embed change into the organizational fabric for long-term success. Understand strategies for preventing regression, celebrating achievements, and reinforcing a culture of continuous improvement.

Module 9: Preparing for the CCMP Examination

Gear up for the CCMP™ certification journey. Understand the exam's structure, key focus areas, and effective study techniques. Engage in practice sessions and boost your confidence for the final test.

Become a CCMP™ with CHANGE LT

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Upon completing the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) Training Program, participants will be awarded a certificate signifying their expertise in the covered content. This accomplishment not only represents their dedication and skill in change management but also fulfills the 21-hour training prerequisite for the CCMP™ certification. Participants will emerge poised to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts, advancing their professional journey in the realm of change management.

Download Standard for Change Management©

ACMP’s Standard for Change Management© (“Standard©”) is a collection of generally accepted practices in change management and is one of the foundational elements in advancing the change management profession and discipline. Released in September 2014, the Standard© provides the foundation for the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP) credential, and empowers change practitioners to lead the way change works.

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